Our Story

We began as a campus-focused church in 1981, and were located just a block away from the UC Berkeley campus. Around the mid 1980s, our first wave of graduates decided to stay with the desire to build up the church, and to minister to college students as they themselves were ministered to. These members became our “staff.” Since then, with each successive graduating class, some stay and some depart with our blessings. Around the mid-1990s, about half our graduates were choosing to stay, and many of them formed the core of our adult ministry, now called Praxis.

Praxis started to build up our children and youth ministries, and along the way, other ministries were started. Praxis also provides much of the background support for our college ministry. Because most of our members have been together since their college days, our church retains the stamp of the college campus experience in many ways. We’ve continued to grow in size, and have become more diversified in ministry areas, but we’ve remained true to our roots and focus as a campus-oriented ministry. Find out more about Gracepoint Ministries.