We would like to respond to the recent article in Wired. 
We share the widely-held concerns about privacy violations related to technology use. However, applications like Covenant Eyes and Accountable2You are categorically different in that users voluntarily choose who sees their internet activity. At our church, only those that volunteer to serve as staff members are expected to have some sort of accountability software or arrangement. Our current practice is to discourage staff from choosing their leaders as their accountability partners as we prefer that to be close friends or others they feel comfortable with.
To provide some context, the fact is that among many Christians, the use of internet filtering or accountability software is often considered a good thing, with accountability software avoiding some of the clunky features of filtering software. We are open to better ways to accomplish safeguards our staff members desire and we’re hoping to find/implement such technologies.

If you have any questions/concerns, please call Jonathan at 510-753-0675, and we will be available to speak with you.