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Valentine's Day of Compassion

Back in 2006, a few sisters from Gracepoint Berkeley recognized that the mushy, romantic holiday depicted in TV and movies can actually lead to feelings of loneliness and depression in many people. They weren’t alone—studies have shown that suicides and calls to suicide hotlines increase around Valentine’s Day.

These sisters had a counter-cultural idea: Instead of getting caught up in all of the romantic stuff that surrounds Valentine’s Day, they'd go out and show Christ's love to those our society often forgets. With that, Valentine’s Day of Compassion was born and since then has grown into one of the highlights of our year.

This Valentine’s Day at Gracepoint Berkeley, we’re aiming to visit over 50 different locations to spend time with the residents, sing together, and share a message of hope from the Bible. Join us as we fan out across the country to serve convalescent homes, rehab centers, and shelters!

Normally, I really hate Valentine’s Day. I had spent too much of my time as a youth in my college years feeling sorry for myself that I didn’t have a ‘valentine’. But when I volunteered at Valentine’s Day of Compassion, one person told me this was the best Valentine’s Day she ever had. I told her, actually, this was the best one for me too.


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February 14, 2015 – Eighteen students from the University of California, Berkeley went to Lake Park Retirement Residence in Oakland, CA to hold a program with songs, craftmaking and a message of God's love.

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