ImpACT Christmas Celebration

What is ImpACT?

Impact brings the Gospel to inner city youth who would never have a chance to hear about Jesus. We also provide academic boost on the side. In a world where a lot of youth do not have very many positive role models outside of their immediate family, Impact is the one place they can see what is possible outside of their family.

Why we do it


My wife Vanessa and I have been serving in Impact for the past 6 months. I come from an inner city background with family that was in jail and involved in gangs. I joined Impact knowing that these kids come from similar circumstances. The fact that they can come to a place like Impact where they can be safe and learn about God is an incredible privilege that I get to have.

We give messages, lead small groups, do setup and takedown, and lead workdays. During our first Sunday, there were only 8 kids. Now, there are about 25 inner city kids who come each week.

How did that number grow? We have been doing outreach at different schools where the principals have been very welcoming and inviting us to Back-To-School nights and parent-teacher meetings. We want to see the program grow to 40 students.

We’d love to expand Impact and keep up with students over the years so that they don’t fall through the cracks. It’s really sad when they finish 5th grade as very few of them transition to our middle school programs and other churches. We want to figure out a better transition for them.

Impact Christmas Celebration

This past December we had Impact Christmas Celebration. An event that the students can invite their family and friends to see them sing songs and put on a performance to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Many of the students and parents came out of the event very grateful!

Here are some stories:

  • A mom of a student with ADHD was really thankful that we can be with him and love him.

  • Another kid who has been coming for a couple years brought about 10 family members: uncles, grandparents and more.

  • One dad hasn’t been able to really connect to his son and he’s been trying to get him to stop playing so many video games. When this dad found out about Impact, he was really glad his son can come because Impact enabled his son to connect with other people, learn about God, and spend less time playing video games.

Danny Orozco and his wife, Vanessa, lead our Impact ministry, which provide academic enrichment, mentoring, and spiritual guidance to Oakland youth