Our Heroes of Faith - Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson’s life was full of promise—by age 38 he had a successful career in law after graduating from Brown, rose to the rank of captain in the Marines, and was appointed special counsel to President Nixon. Only a few years later, though, he was testifying before Congress for his role as the so-called “evil genius” of the Nixon administration and his involvement in the Watergate scandal.

His public notoriety and crushed aspirations left "his world collapsing." During this time, Colson’s friend Tom Phillips confronted him over his involvement in the Watergate scandal and told him about how Jesus had died for his sins. The night of their conversation, Colson surrendered his life to Christ. Although he still went to prison less than a year later, he did so with the hope of the gospel.

After he left prison, Colson founded Prison Fellowship Ministries to bring Bible studies to prison inmates just like him. He also went on to start the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and BreakPoint.

Here’s where our story intersects with his: Daniel Kim, Jeanie Oh, Joe Song, Jonathan Lee, and Manny Kim were part of Colson’s Centurions Program (now known as the Colson Fellows) where they received worldview and apologetics training that they used to strengthen our congregation.


Later when Colson visited the Berkeley campus, he spoke to our college ministry staff and encouraged us to pursue Interhigh ministry, which was still just an idea at that point.

Seeing that apologetics training was being passed down to our college & youth students, he said, “They have a passion and a heart for reaching out to young people, and they understand the crucial need for worldview and apologetics training. I’m excited that they are making this kind of investment in today’s youth.”

This past week was the 7 year anniversary of Colson’s passing, and we’re so thankful for his legacy and the influence he’s had on our church.

Interested in learning more? Check out his books, Loving God, The Good Life or Born Again.

Interhigh: Why We Do It

What is an hour worth? To the staff at InterHigh, a group that includes software engineers and professionals in the healthcare industry, an hour is worth a lot. They work full weeks, but in their downtime, they’re not resting. Instead, they’re learning songs, writing messages, getting feedback on those messages, and struggling to be creative.

It doesn’t always pay off. Megan H., a staff member in InterHigh, shares, “One time we had a small group sharing with 3 girls. Most of them just stared down and didn’t say anything. We ended up talking a lot while they looked bored, so we ended our sharing time early.”

So why keep going? The three kids at this church belong to one of the 775+ Bay Area congregations that have less than 75 attendees. At these churches, it’s common to find a middle-schooler babysitting while her dad preaches, or a high-schooler attending a service in a language that he doesn’t speak. We might not have much to offer them, but if we don’t try, who will?

InterHigh staff Ben L. with student

InterHigh staff Ben L. with student

So we keep serving: in Castro Valley, San Jose, Richmond, Oakland. And amidst week after week of faithfulness, God works. We’ve gone from 9 churches in 2010 to 56 churches in 2017. 385 ministers have served in IH to-date, driving a total of 303,200 miles, which span a farther distance than from here to the moon!

There’ve been more than 100 salvations since IH began. But often, the person who witnesses these salvations ends up being equally blessed, if not more.

Megan H. with fellow InterHigh staff and their students

Megan H. with fellow InterHigh staff and their students

Megan shares, “Every time I give it my all for these students, I’m saying, I want to be ‘great before the Lord,’ rather than before people. At least I can give them a positive impression of a youth group and hope that they will remember at least 1 thing each week that we teach them.”

Jesus once told a story about a shepherd who left the 99 to seek 1 lost sheep. Who are we to do any less?

Echo Lu is a youth minister, part of Area Youth Ministry.