Resume workshop for foster youth with Amy Kinder

San Diego, College Ministry

As a former foster youth, I have a heart for those from similar backgrounds. I’ve always wanted to share the gospel with foster youth. At CAL, I attended an undergraduate program that supported former foster youth attending UC Berkeley. I looked for a program like this at UCSD and found Hope Scholars-a campus group supporting former foster youth attending UCSD. In the past, I tried to get connected but was unsuccessful.

Recently, I held a Resume Workshop for our A2F students and staff. A lot of people found it very helpful. As we were trying different ways to reach new groups of people at UCSD, I realized we could get connected with Hope Scholars by offering a Resume Workshop for their students. Amazingly, they were open to the idea! My current work manager and I ran the workshop together.

Amy 2.jpg

We experienced answered prayers that night. The most crucial one was when the program lead invited me to join their social events throughout the quarter. He thought I could encourage the students and help them to have vision for their lives, given my foster care background. He even invited Dan to join these events! I am thankful for how God opened this door to continue building relationships with these students, with the hope that we can one day share the gospel with them.

Amy Kinder is a campus minister, part of Acts2Fellowship at UCSD.