Future Multiplying Church

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This past May we hosted the Send Institute’s The Future Multiplying Church, a think tank designed to gather pastors and leaders to dream and plan for how we can continue to see more churches planted, more people saved, and more kingdom workers raised!

About 40 people gathered at our church from across the nation to participate.

It was exciting to host and participate in the think tank which emphasized co-vocational ministry. Since our church started, people have been engaged in co-vocational ministry. They hold down a 9-5 job where they get a chance to witness to their coworkers, and spend nights and weekends ministering to college students, or youth, or the elderly.

We’re praying together with other leaders that co-vocational ministry will become the norm for church planting and for all believers throughout North America. Like the great reformers of old, we believe in the priesthood of all believers—whether that’s in full-time ministry or at our workplaces and in our careers—or even in spite of our careers—to friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and college campuses!

For more info about the think tank, check out: Send Institute - The Future Multiplying Church

Here’s Luke Gerat from Red Bluff Vineyard on the future of church planting: