East Coast Winter Retreat Recap Rap


“It’s not about the money, money, money…”

At the East Coast College Winter Retreat, Pastor Will Kang issued the students a challenge in typical Gracepoint style: On the drive home, create a music video that recounts some of the lessons you’ve learned at the retreat.

Kristen Montgomery, a member of the college staff team at UNC, and a few students decided to recap the message on Zaccheus and the rich young ruler. The music video they made during their 5 hour car ride from Maryland to Chapel Hill really speaks for itself. :)

Hope (who played Rich) shared, “We decided to use the song Money Money Money because their wealth was something that tied the rich man and Zacchaeus together. What set them apart was how they responded to Jesus’ command: to abandon their idols and follow him.”

Olivia (who donned a hair beard to play Zach) shared that aside from creating goofy music videos like this, (“Gracepoint Ministries has some weird fascination with making its members sing about everything!”) the retreat was also a time of bonding where “it was super cool to have interacted with fellow students from across the coast who we never might have met if not for Jesus connecting us!”