Membership means more than simply having your name on a list. It’s about moving beyond worship service attendance on Sundays and joining us to support and build the church together.

How do I become a member?

  • Accept Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord

  • Submit a written salvation testimony

  • Be baptized

  • Attend a Membership Class

  • Sign a membership covenant


After completing the Membership Class, everyone has an opportunity to sign the Membership Covenant.

  1. I will contribute to the spiritual maturity of our church by:

    • Faithfully attending corporate worship;

    • Committing to the regular study of scripture and to prayer;

    • Living by God’s word and growing in character and personal holiness;

    • Being trained and equipped; and

    • Being faithful, available and teachable.

  2. I will strengthen the spiritual unity of our church by:

    • Abiding by our Statement of Faith, Mission Statement and Core Values;

    • Exercising loving care and watchfulness over my fellow brothers and sisters;

    • Fully participating in all church-wide events, ministries and programs;

    • Supporting and following the established leadership of the church; and

    • Submitting to church disciplinary action.

  3. I will share in the spiritual impact of our church by:

    • Engaging in personal evangelism;

    • Praying for the church and its leaders;

    • Warmly welcoming those who visit;

    • Serving in various ministries of the church; and

    • Giving tithes and offerings faithfully.

Contact us if you’re interested in membership or have any questions.