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Is Gracepoint a Cult?

Nope! We aren’t a cult. We're a typical evangelical church with a standard Statement of Faith. We’re part of the Southern Baptist Convention and also a church planting church within the SEND Network. In fact, our senior pastor sits on the leadership board of that network. We also partner with well-known, mainstream Christian educators and organizations.

We're unusual because we're a church that mainly focuses on college ministry.

We’ve been ministering to college students for more than 30 years: sharing the gospel, winning students to Christ, and raising disciples. Like many churches, we’ve received criticism throughout the years, some of it well-deserved, and some very off-base. On the whole our members love being a part of our ministry.

If you have questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. You can use the contact form, or email one of our staff or pastors directly.


Our Pastors


Ed & Kelly Kang

Senior Pastor, Berkeley


Manny & Sunny Kim

Southern California Regional Pastor, Irvine


William & Esther Kang

East Coast Regional Pastor, Fairfax


Daniel & Sarah Kim


Steve & Suzanne Suh