Fun Facts

Hobbies, personal interest, sports, etc?: Carpentry--rough framing, specifically

Most lame at: Undertanding tabular presentation of information

Unusual skill: Very good at not doing things. If something needs to be not done, I seem to be good at resisting doing it.

Love most about your ministry: 

Favorite ministry moments: farewells when we send off a team to plant a church (also my least favorite ministry moment)

Years in ministry: 22 yrs

A fond memory from college: eating ramen at midnight convinced that I'll stay up all night to study, and invariably falling asleep within 30mins afterwards. 

Favorite study spot in college: I-House Library

A key bible verse: All of 2 Timothy

Christian hero: Easy. John Wesley for his tirelessness. Also for his height

Something odd about you: My view toward food. I see it as a challenge, and find it baffling when people stop eating when clearly there's still food to be dealt with. They seem selfish to me. Or weak, like they are backing down. I'm full too, but do you see me stopping just because I am full? This is bizarre thinking, but I cant seem to shake it.